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April 5, 2018

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Former Corporate Executive Launches Unique Marketing Firm

Key Paragon Provides Marketing Solutions with an Unexpected Advantage


[Charlotte, NC] – North Carolina Marketing Executive, Erika Chaves and her team of experienced marketing professionals, have banded together to launch Key Paragon, a marketing firm that utilizes unique talents to help businesses grow.

Key Paragon builds marketing strategies for the ever-changing business world. Their team of experts review every aspect of a client’s marketing strategy to develop the strongest short and long-term plans for the success of their business. The team are experts in all facets of marketing, from emerging technology to customer relationship psychology. Whether it is branding, strategy, process automation, social media, analytics, or marketing technology, each member of the Key Paragon team has decades of marketing and management experience from small businesses to large corporations across a range of industries.

In addition to the diversity and experience of its experts, what is truly unique about Key Paragon is its vision for the future. In Chaves’ words, “After many years at large international corporations, I decided to spin off and create something unique in the business world which would integrate marketing solutions with the huge untapped potential of Autistic individuals.” 

They are just getting started now. The firm is already assisting clients in the Educational Products, Technology Solutions, and Non-profit industries. In the future, their for-profit business model will include the talents of Autistic individuals and those with other (dis)Abilities as a minimum of 50% of its workforce. Autistic individuals, even those who may appear disabled, are often gifted with intelligence surpassing that of neurotypical individuals, especially in their ability to focus on and understand numbers and patterns, but also in creativity. It is Key Paragon’s goal to harness these gifts to optimize marketing solutions for clients.

Erika Chaves, CEO and Founder, has a direct understanding of the value Autistic individuals can contribute to our society and the business world. “I get my inspiration from my daughters. They are both Autistic and very talented in art and technology. I’m extremely proud of the women they are becoming,” says Chaves. 


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Key Paragon, LLC is a marketing solutions firm providing data-driven insight to help businesses increase the return on their marketing investments, maintain happy customers and grow. We are also dedicated to hiring talented individuals in the Autism spectrum and other Abilities.


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Building a company to be proud of

Key Paragon’s idea is simple – build effective and sustainable Marketing solutions created by folks in the Autism Spectrum and other Abilities. We are building a unique company.  Want to know more?  Contact us here.