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Our team of experts advise companies on overall marketing strategy and create efficient and effective processes in order to optimize your return on investment

Make accurate & confident decisions


Marketing Data Intelligence - Key Paragon
What it is

Marketing Intelligence is the information that gives insight into your target markets, how best to reach them, who you are competing with, and what factors inspire them to make a purchase.

How we do it

Key Paragon can help your company gather and analyze data and information to help make accurate and confident decisions in determining opportunities, penetration strategies, and metrics for future growth goals.

Accurately reach and entice your potential buyers


Marketing Strategy - Key Paragon
What it is

Marketing Strategy is the brains of your operations.  Marketing Strategy will help you put a plan in place in order to guide your business marketing initiatives across all departments.  Strategy dictates how best to reach your current and potential buyers, how to compete against similar businesses, and what factors inspire your buyers to make a purchase.

How we do it

Key Paragon can help your business determine the best marketing strategy plan to reach and entice potential buyers. This is where the 4 P’s of marketing come into play: Product, Price, Placement and Promotion.

Work with us to define your target markets, offers, affiliates and media mix.

Move your company into the future of Marketing


Marketing Enablement - Key Paragon
What it is

Marketing enablement increases overall marketing effectiveness and efficiency. It also allows your business to get to your potential buyers faster, thus giving you a strategic edge on your competition.  Marketing Enablement provides your team with the right technology and processes to manage your assets, resources, and overall operations.  

How we do it

Let our operations experts at Key Paragon optimize your “who does what when”.  We will build you a state of the art optimized and stardardized Marketing Enablement process which will move your company into the future of Marketing. 

Tell YOUR value story


Marketing Communications - Key Paragon
What it is

Humans are drawn to love stories. Good marketing communication is about telling stories that help your audience connect your company, your brand, and your product to their lives in ways relevant to them.

How we do it

Key Paragon will captivate your audience by creating authentic and thoughtful voice identity for your company, crafting inspiring, positive stories that fit your company and brand, and creating relevant messages to specific audiences and marketing channels